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The PromoServe Power BI Platform offers a comprehensive view of your organisation’s data, empowering you to drive change, reduce inefficiencies, accelerate growth, and swiftly adapt to market, customer, or supply changes. With the PromoServe Power Business Intelligence Suite, you can securely access your business data from anywhere via the Power BI cloud interface and native apps for iPhone, Windows, and Android.

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Unlock Insights, Drive Success: Harness the Power of These Business Intelligence Reporting Dashboards

Job Tracker

The job tracking dashboard provides real-time tracking for all your orders ensuring that no deadlines are missed. This can be displayed in your offices or by specific users to view upcoming project status’, outstanding requirements and deadlines. Drive efficiency, improve client communication and visibility within your business.


Effectively control sales KPI’s. Monitor and review in one central place. The perfect dashboard for your sales mamanger, key stakeholder, and directors. Providing a full business sales overview. An insightful dashboard making forecasting, predictions, and opportunities available at your fingertips. Some of the features of the dashboard will include Overall Business Taget (£) and percentage completed. Overall margins, estimated profit and comparison year-on-year.

Product Trends

The product performance dashboard helps you and your team understand how individual products (or brands) are contributing to overall revenue target. Delve into data on your top 50 selling products by season, top performing categories sold and to whom with volume and value. Have all of this and more at your fingertips to help with merketing campaigns, sales picthes, and presentations.

Supplier Trends

Track and monitor spend with suppliers, use your buying power to negotiate preferential rates. review your average margin by supplier as well as categorised growth trends over time.

Debtors & Creditors

No more manual reports, with this dashboard you can clearly see your order-book cashflow position. Set, monitor, and adjust your objectives and budget forecasts on a daily basis. Gain visability with real time monitoring.

Sales Leads

Opportunities, Sales Funnels, Conversions, Hot Leads – these are some of the features that will be showcased in the leads dashboard. This is a great dashboard for the sales team and management to monitor and track where those leads came from and what opportunities are currently outstanding. Filter by rep, analyse potential sales and review lost opportunities with common reasons why. Learn and adapt with this dashboad.

Sales Rep and Customer Performance

A powerful tool designed to elevate your sales team’s performance and efficiency. This intuitive dashboard provides real-time insights into key sales metrics, enabling reps to track their progress, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions. Empower your sales force with the clarity and precision they need to achieve exceptional results.

Stocks Valuation Management Forecasting

Get a clear picture of your businesses stock position at any moment in time. This dashboard provides key insights into performance indicators such as stock value and volume, quantity on order, category and product breakdown providing insight into popularity and future requirements.

Daily Sales Team

Sales Reps! Set your targets for the year, track your sales and goals. Monitor performance against the wider sales team. Providing your sales reps with full visibility on how they are performing, with a leaderboard, profits and margins displayed. Showcasing a fantastic feature where sales reps can review a seasonal forecast on clients to schedule calls and ensure you’re staying ahead and providing exceptional service by remembering their events, conferences, key budget dates, or campaigns. Allowing your reps to spend more time on selling and less on admin tasks! Option for bespoke commission reports available.

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